The Chelmsford Shed Project

Working party at The Chelmsford Shed

The Chelmsford Shed is a community space for men where they can get together and take part in practical activities such as woodworking, crafts and gardening. A larger version of the typical mens garden shed, The Chelmsford Shed will offer a space for people to learn new skills, share existing ones, and make new friends over a shared interest with a welcoming community feel.

We had a great response to our requests for a working party to help get the interior of Chelmsford Shed cleaned up and painted. Thanks go to all for the hard work especially on the chilly days. We have fitted a small kitchen and have fitted out the workshop itself. If you would like to join the Chelmsford Men’s Shed when it launches please complete and return a Membership application form and we will send you updates.


The Chelmsford Shed is a member of the UK Men’s Shed Association, for more information about other Men’s Sheds, resources and about the Men’s Shed association click here.